Selected videos on American & other countries' jails & prisons, as well as on more cheerful topics.

Jails & prisons' videos

Everything is illegal
The movie about abuse of law by courts and law enforcement agencies in the United States >>
(42 min, in English, Era Vodoleja, 2012)

A documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Luc Besson about how
the humanity is threatening the ecological balance of the planet >>
(1 h 33 min, in English, YouTube, 2009)

Torture Americas Brutal Prisons
The vicious cycle of torture and brutality in American prisons >> 
(50 min, in English, YouTube, 2012)   

Slave Labor in American Prisons
Prison labor booms in US as low-cost inmates bring billions >>
 (5 min, in English, RT New Channel, 2012)

Prison Photography on the Road
Stories behind the photos across the United States depicting the real state and unacceptable conditions in American prisons >>
(5 min, in English, KickStarter, 2011)


HAM-radio videos

1S0XV/1S1RR Spratly Island DXpedition
1990 Soviet DXpedition to Spratly islands >>
 (short version: 13 min, full version: 2 h 10 min, filmed by Yuri Brajenko, YouTube,1990)

4J1FM & 4J1FW Malyj Vysotsky DXpedition
1992 joint Russian-American-Finnish-Ukranian-Mexican Malyj Vysotsky (Ravansaari) DXpedition >>
 (43 min, filmed by Edward Kritsky NT2X, YouTube, 1992) 

R3A, Moscow & Russian 'White House' during 1991 military coup
The days of the August 1991 military coup in Moscow viewed through the HAM radio prism >>
 (53 min, filmed by Edward Kritsky NT2X, YouTube, 1991)
R3A at Russian Parliament on coup's first anniversary 
R3A operation on August 23-24, conducted from the Russian Parliament during the first anniversary of 1991 military coup >>
(13 min, filmed by R3A team, YouTube, 1992) 

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