"Juggler". Photo: Jafe Parsons
Take a look at this wonderful juggler created by Carol Gold. Can you perform with the same grace, holding the balance and momentum so skillfully as you maneuver in life... despite the daily difficulties and even under the harshest of conditions - and still be able to enjoy the process?

For the past twenty five years, Carol Gold's work has been widely exhibited in the galleries of the U.S. and Canada, and among numerous awards are those received from the National Sculpture Society and the North American Sculpture Exhibition. Public commissions include sculptures for the city of Bakersfield, California, the campus of Southwest Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, Oregon, and the Clinton Presidential Park in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Balance, simplicity and a flow of movement between roundness and angularity. These are the instant impressions one gets when looking at the Carol Gold's sculptures. Emotions and moods are expressed in the postures of the figures, rather than through facial expressions.

"Fiesta", Clinton Presidential Park, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Photo: Kayla Smith
When asked what inspired her creation of the "Juggler", Carol Gold answered:

"Movement is important to me in my sculpture. A good friend danced to music with his juggling sticks and, as I watched, I was entranced by his grace. That is basically what inspired the "Juggler", and as I worked on it, I thought of how the piece signified all those multiple obligations each of us has to juggle as we maneuver ordinary life."

You may find more about Carol Gold's work on her web-site.

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