Saturday, July 4, 2015

Transfer to McRae prison

April - May 2015

From mid-April of 2015, Roman was moved from FCI Lompoc prison in northern California to USP Victorville, a United States penitentiary in the Mojave desert.

Then he was moved to FTC (Federal Transfer Center) Oklahoma-city.

Then he was moved to United States Penitentiary Atlanta located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Then he was moved to Clayton County Prison, also in Georgia.

Finally he was moved to his current "residence" (as for July 2015) in McRae Correctional Institution, 170 miles south of Atlanta.

McRae CI is a private prison (2400 inmates), managed by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and is different from any Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities where he spent time before. There are no US citizens there, only aliens (mostly Mexicans & other Latinos), who after they complete sentences are quickly (or not so) deported through ICE-managed immigration jails.

So it goes.

Jailpedition crew
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