Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Three qualities

9 years, 9 months and 24 days since the day of arrest
Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn, New York

Dudjom Rinpoche (19041987).
Photo by Shambala
Dudjom Rinpoche always used to say that a person needs three qualities.

The first, he said, is sampa zangpo – a good heart.

The second is tenpo – to be stable and reliable. One of our greatest problems is that we lack stability. However much we want to be stable and reliable, everything is so impermanent that things are always in a state of flux. Then, if our mind is not strong, we can be swept away by circumstances and changes. When everything is so impermanent, we become unreliable. For example, a string of beads has a thread running through all the beads, keeping them together. What we need is a thread too of sanity and stability. Because when you have a thread, even though each bead is separate, they hang together...

The third quality Dudjom Rinpoche spoke of is lhopo – to be spacious, at ease with ourselves. If we are at ease with ourselves, we are at ease with others... When we are well with ourselves, then whatever happens, it really doesn't matter, because we have equilibrium and stability. We don't feel any lack of confidence. If not, we're always on edge, waiting to see how someone reacts to us, what people say to us or think about us. Our confidence hangs on what people tell us about how we are, how we look, how we behave. When we are really in touch with ourselves, we know ourselves beyond what others may tell us.


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